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The Cosmic Age of Leo
Year 10001 B.C to 8000 B.C
Regina Braga
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-4461-5
Formato 14 x 21 cm 
80 páginas
1ª edição - 2016

The Cosmic Age of Leo
The book The Cosmic Age of Leo was released along with The Cosmic Age of Aquarius because they complement each other in synchronization with the elements. The Era of Aquarius depicts current time, of which has been transformed by satellite driven technology (Air Element). The opposite constellation, Leo, positioned on the exact opposite of Aquarius, on the belt of the Zodiac Constellations, was the first Era of which we came to discover, the evidence of which was brought to light by archeologists, geologists, biologists and other professionals dedicated to uncovering our origins, the meaning of life, creation (Fire Element). 
Regina Braga
Regina Braga began her studies in Astronomy and Astrology in 1974, with Dr. Antonio Friederich – one of the founders of the Brazilian Association of Astrology. She continued learning, as an autodidact, as she lived in London and upon returning to Brazil, when she began giving professional assistance, in 1980. Author of the books: A Era de Aquário – o Primeiro Passo da Astrologia, released in 2001 at Livraria Saraiva; Os Caminhos que Levam aos Anjos, launched in 2014, by Era de Aquário and Editora Scortecci; coauthor of more than 10 others books. Regina is a member of the Brazilian Association of Astrology, CNA – Central Nacional de Astrologia. She participates in TV shows, writes Horoscope for Jornal Sem Fronteiras, from Rede Mídia Sem Fronteiras, and manages the site A lecturer, she also promotes Courses and Workshops. She has been a Yoga practitioner since 1975.