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Between the Heavens and Earth
Maximilian Sandor
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 85-366-0281-3
Formato 14 x 21 cm - 258 páginas
1ª edição - 2005

Between the Heavens and Earth
This collection of articles and short stories, embedded in the tale of Nemus, the Little Lion King, who searched and found the most sacred of all Sacred Groves, presents a new look at what we always accepted without thinking for ourselves; it questions what we always tought was normal but never bothered to look with our own eyes; it opens new, astonishing outlooks on what we call Life without ever losing a unique sense of humor united with a deep love for Everything that is living in thes Universe, Our World.
Maximilian Joachin Sandor
Maximilian Joachim Sandor, Ph.D, was born in Berlin, Germany, 1952. As a Computer Engineer and Scientist he was one of the early pioneers of the Computer Age. As a linguist and philosopher he is combining leading edge science with spiritual insight in a revolutionary way. After living for 20 years in Los Angeles, California, he now travels the world, teaching ancient and modern methods and philosophies for the Awakening and Cultivating of our True Essence.