According to the UN and official agencies, Emilio must have been just a statistic. A number of 243 million young people around the world who fall in the temptations and have their lives destroyed by drugs. As all humans, he was born with the potential to become a productive member of society, who has dreams and ambitious achievements. What was the point when his destiny was
destroyed in the story? What were the reasons? This report book portrays his life since his childhood. Financial difficulties, lack of affection, violence and sexual abuses suffered by a member of his family. It is the moment when he finds someone who is able to make him forget everything. With detailed situations, we will follow through this book that the bottom may be even deeper. But there is a light which is able to change a whole story.

Overdose. Convulsion. Hallucination. Emilio met closely these destructive effects of drugs. It was able to steal his dreams, but not his life. A decision changed everything. Emilio found his chance to begin again at Fazenda da Esperança. This is an exciting true story about a 21-year-old young Paraguayan. It portrays the reality of an addict and the struggle of the ex-drug addict to maintain himself away from the world of drug.

Palloma Tristão was born in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, on May 22, 1992. She studied journalism at Mackenzie University in São Paulo capital. As final paper for her course, she wrote about an evil, which during her childhood was an unknown. An evil that attacked her senses every day since she started her graduation. A present evil on sidewalks, street corners and squares in the center of São Paulo. Through of Emilio's life story, she tries to understand the reasons of childhood loss for the drug. More than a final paper, this paper is a cry for help, a dream of hope for a world that can overcome the drugs. The fight is eternal; the innocence is not. Good reading.


A New Beginning Is Born From Hope
Palloma Tristão

Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-4869-9
Formato 14 x 21 cm
112 páginas
1ª edição - 2016

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