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A dive in the human condition – body, soul and spirit – recognizing that the Professional has these same dimensions, which need to be understood and managed. The understanding of each human being and the group of individuals will provide the organizational dimensions, since the organizations are also live organisms, with body, soul and spirit. The comprehension of this holistic view is fundamental to allow the company to create an environment where individuals are happy and reach high performance levels, so that the company may add value for a better society. This book is a stroll through this world, where we are guided, with clarity, through the words of the author.
Fábio Colletti Barbosa

This book unites the professional pragmatism with the spirituality necessary for our professional activities.
Marco Antonio Bologna

Alfredo has a dream: develop a company that reconciles the company's objectives with the objectives of its human capital, in such a way that every person achieves happiness by performing what he/she likes to do or for learning to like what he/she is expected to do. Alfredo works daily to make this dream come true and also on its improvement. Now, in this book he tries to pass on this experience, a real way of living without fear.
Cassio Casseb Lima

Alfredo Assumpção guides us to celebrate the realization of dreams step by step: Being, Knowing and Doing. This book is not only aimed to those who live in the corporate world, but also for those who are worried with the appreciation of the human being and with the future generations.
Matiko Hume Vidal

The Professional trajectory as the founder and director of Fesa Global Executive Search Transforming Leadership motivated Alfredo Assumpção to pass on his experience. The result is in “Fearless Management”, which advocates respect for each person as a successful formula for making a business thrive.
Coluna Negócios & Cia - Jornal O Globo

Assumpção is a born entrepreneur. In the book “Fearless Management” he brings together concepts discovered along a 35 year journey, based on the belief that the body and soul cannot be divided in the business world.
Jornal Valor Econômico

When I began writing for the flap of this book I soon realized I was writing directly about the author, the person who gave me the pleasure, the honor, and the unique opportunity of helping to build a company, writing a story that will remain a legacy to several generations of professionals willing to discover the universe of this marvelous executive search industry. Well, I began by asking myself why. For those who know Alfredo the answer is very simple: He is this book! In its essence. Direct, candid, transparent and objective. Here we have in Black and White how Alfredo imagined managing  a company, creating a work environment capable of providing people the basis that we are always looking to keep our personal and professional axis (when they are not connected?). In this book we can find the path   to develop a sincere and fair leadership as we idealize them for one day to accordingly practice the same. Almost an autobiography, the book transcribes a style of management that, although paved on years of academic study and also on the autodidact profile of the author, it is based on the respect with which he has always sought to deal with the human being. After all, even though classified as human resources, first of all we are human beings, and we need to be treated as so, so that we may continue to dedicate most of our lives to a purpose greater than our own professional and personal goals. Fearless Management deals with what is currently most modern     on people management and inevitably, about the success derivative from this style, capable of effectively alluring, retaining and motivating differentiated talents, being capable of putting together so many different personalities giving a unique identity to the real designation of the group. In these pages we have concrete examples of how to practice team work. Without a shadow of a doubt,  what we find in these pages is an example of courage filled with the simplicity of those who became an Executive, but above all sought to remain a Man against the various issues and hardships we encounter in our daily journey to make this world a better place for us.
Renata Dolabella Fabrini


Fearless Management
How to be happy in the corporate world
Alfredo Assumpção
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-2699-4
Formato 14 x 21 cm 
308 páginas
4ª edição - 2021

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