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NEGOTIATION MANAGEMENT / R. Marc Bubridge / Sérgio de Freitas Costa / José Guilherme de Heráclito Lima / Alessandra Nascimento S. F. Mourão / Denise Manfredi

“The authors of this excellent work are already amply know in the field as members of an academic and professional team with extensive experience, both in Brazil and Internationally, in the practice of negotiations subject to multiple and divergent interests.

The clearness with which they transmit the respective techniques for the convergence of the parts in the negotiation process contributes greatly to the success of professional management, both in the private and public sector. In the current “state of the art” of management, the command of negotiation techniques constitutes an indispensable qualification of the executive.

This work, the result of an extremely competent approach, both pedagogically and professionally, represents a notable advance for the conducting of the negotiation process.”
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schoeps
Professor emeritus of the EAESP, Fundação Getulio Vargas and founding Dean of the Business School São Paulo in Brazil

“Without a doubt, this is a timely publication that builds on the teachings of the Harvard Law School´s Program on Negotiations. It is mandatory reading for all those who wish to deepen their understanding of the theme and strengthen their abilities in principled negotiations.”
Adolfo Braga Neto
Lawyer, Mediator, President of the Administrative Council for the Brazilian Institute for Mediation and Arbitration, Director of World Mediation Forum, International Mediation Institute Independent Standards Commission Member, Consultant to the World Bank and ONU

Negotiation Management is an incredible book, based on an excellent conceptual structure, for all those who wish to explore the depths of the art of negotiation, a fundamental tool for professional and personal success in today´s world.”
Walter Baxter Jr.
President of Roche Diagnostics in Brazil

“We live in times in which the complexity of our reality, in all spheres of life, imposes itself inexorably in manners which demonstrate the incompetence of hierarchies and unattainable consensus. Times in which we need to know how to negotiate satisfactory solutions.”
Bianor Cavalcanti,
Director of EBAPE of the Fundação Getulio Vargas

“With a strong theoretical foundation and real case analysis, this book is fundamental for dealing with the negotiations we face in our personal and professional lives.”
Silvio Stagni
Telcom VP

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Negotiation Management - How To Get What You Want, Without Giving Up What You Shouldn´t
R. Marc Bubridge
Sérgio de Freitas Costa
José Guilherme de Heráclito Lima
Alessandra Nascimento S. F. Mourão
Denise Manfredi

Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-1672-8
Formato 17 X 24 cm 
236 páginas
3ª edição - 2009

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